Weekend tour for foreign tourists
3 days / 2 nights
Number of tourists: from 2 people
Tour cost: 67 400 rubles / for two tourists (1200 USA $ / for two tourists)

The tourist complex Stalagmite offers foreign tourists the excursion program “URAL REMOTE PLACE”:

In the first day our guests will get acquainted with one of unique corners of Prikamye – the city of Kungur which saved architectural constructions of the 18th, 19th centuries without changes to this day. Numerous Temples, unique mansions and the whole merchant districts – distinctive feature of Kungur. And visit of the Kungur Ice cave will leave unforgettable impressions, even by the most experienced tourists!

In the second day the excursion “Country of Chusoviya” waits – it is the interesting historical opus about the Siberian campaign of cossack Yermak Timofeich, visit of the ethnographic park “Museum of History of the River Chusovaya”, with “live” constructions which, undoubtedly, will be interesting to inquisitive tourists. Rural benches, log huts and chapels, the museum of the Russian wooden toy, a fire log hut – are collected from various corners of Prikamye. Inside the magnificent collection of objects of old times is collected: tools, clothes, “granary” and “house” books, ware, and all this can be taken in hands, to consider and photograph! “The museum of history of the river Chusovaya” is the museum under the open sky, with the stories and inhabitants!

Chusova has also sad pages in the history. Near it there was one of the last political zones of a high security camp – the Perm-36 which arose in Stalin times and where the most “dangerous” political prisoners contained. In the 1990s on its base the Memorial museum of History of political repressions Perm-36 was created.

In the territory of the former camp the unique constructions characterizing totalitarianism era remained: inhabited barracks, the close, round the clock locked cameras, a punishment cell. The walking court yard upholstered from within with iron and the fences covered with a barbed wire were restored. Tourists won’t be left indifferent by the story about severe conditions of keeping of political prisoners.

The improbable beauty the nature of Prikamye will most of all delight our guests – the river Chusovaya, with its numerous inflows, the Sylva river,The  Kungur Ice cave with its grottoes, underground lakes with the purest water, ice formations.

Program of a tour:

  • transfer (meeting, a bus accompaniment during the excursions, departure)
  • informational accompaniment
  • accommodation of guests in Stalagmite hotel
  • excursion accompaniment
  • nourishment according to the tour program
Day Time Actions list
First day 10-00 Guest meeting at the international airport “Bolshoe Savino” Perm
12-00 Accommodation of guests in Stalagmite hotel
13-00 Lunch in the Stalagmite cafe
14-15 Individual excursion in the Kungur Ice cave
17-00 Sightseeing tour around the city Kungur: “Kungur merchant and orthodox”
20-00 Dinner in the Stalagmite cafe
21-00 Free time
Second day 08-00 Breakfast in the Stalagmite cafe
09-00 Departure of group on a route of the excursion program “Country of Chusoviya”
11-00 Visit of the ethnographic park of history of the Chusova River
13-00 Lunch in cafe
13-40 Departure in the Memorial complex of political repressions “PERM – 36”
14-30 Excursion in the Memorial complex of political repressions “PERM – 36”
17-00 Departure to Kungur
19-30 Arrival of group to the Stalagmite hotel
20-00 Dinner in Stalagmite cafe
21-00 Free time
Third day 08-00 Breakfast in the Stalagmite cafe
09-00 Free time
12-00 Check-out the Stalagmit hotel, transfer to the international airport “Bolshoe Savino”

It is possible to change the excursion program according the customer’s wishes.